Saturday, April 13, 2013

Love me a Saturday

Finally the work week is over.  Not sure what it was, but this week seemed to take for-ev-er.  I like my job, but have a sneaking suspicion that I would like staying home aka not working more.  One of these days, I will make that dream a reality.  Until then, I have to enjoy every minute of my weekends.  Believe me, I do.  Even when I have no plans, which is the norm, I enjoy good old rest and relaxation.  

We usually rise around 6am on the weekends and today was no exception.  We watched television for an hour and then called my sister to see if her husband was home or working overtime.  He was at work, so we went over to play with my nephew.  We brought doughnuts.  It’s something we do when we have an early morning play date.  I want to break that habit, as it’s not good for any of us.  Today I was weak.  Which has kind of been by theme for a while now. 

Weakness is what I call it when I know what the right choice is but give in to my own temptations.  This is why I am obese.  This week hasn’t been the start I was hoping for.  I’m more than disappointed, but then see what I did this morning.  Sometimes I feel like I am in a deep hole and can’t get out.  A hole, where magically, rope ladders keep appearing for me to climb out (like I could ever pull myself up on a rope ladder), but I keep pulling the rope ladders to the ground and whine about being stuck in a deep hole.

I won’t eat poorly the rest of the day just because I had two doughnuts this morning and tomorrow is the start of a new week.  I may not lose weight tomorrow, but today will not be a blow out.  Also, let’s not forget the declaration I made yesterday about walking.  It looks like I might be walking in the rain, but I will do it.   At least ten minutes, that is the plan.  I’ll do it! I’ll send a comment from my phone later today after I have walked.

Alright, so my plan today is eat healthier the rest of the day, take a walk, do some cleaning and relax.  Plans for tomorrow are the same, with the addition of prepping some food for the week.  Right now, this is about all the energy I have for weekends, hopefully as weight comes off I can enjoy a more active life. 

What are your plans for the weekend?  Do you ever take a nap on the weekend?   Enjoy. 


  1. Please don't be too hard on yourself. Tomorrow is another day to try. I usually don't take naps but the weather was so dreary today that I couldn't resist!

  2. Thanks Katrin. Next week will be better, I just wish I made more of an effort to have a great first week. BTW, the sky opened up at just poured all afternoon. Instead of walking outside, I exercised at home for 12 minutes. Not much, but it's what I can do now and I am happy I did at least that. Have a great Sunday!

  3. I just found your blog. I will also cheer you on.

  4. I just found your blog - I can't figure out how to follow it - can you only subscribe by email?