Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weigh-in: June 30, 2013

This is my first post in five days and I wish I had better news to share.  First, let me say my absence was due to having a super busy week at work with a couple of late days that zapped my energy and brain.  Unfortunately, most of July should be equally as busy.   Except for the third week of July, which will be a week of long off-site meeting days, I will try to post more often.  Okay, back to the reason for this post…the weigh-in.  

Previous weight: 383 lbs
Current weight:  382 lbs
I lost one pound this week.  I won’t cry over these results, but I’m still disappointed, especially because I was down 3lbs when I had weighed in on Wednesday morning.   I also failed my challenge for this week.  If you recall, the challenge this week had two components.  The first part of the challenge was to only dine out (or have take-out) once between Tuesday night and Sunday morning.  The other part of the challenge dealt with cooking one meal for my husband.  I only completed 50% of this challenge.  Which part do you think it was?   I didn’t cook for my husband.  I helped him prepare several meals, but I didn’t cook up any magic on my own.  I will cook for him this week though.  We ate at home every night except for Thursday.  Thursday, we went out for Mexican.  That alone did not account for my minimal loss this week.  I would blame that on big portions this week, the chili dogs I ate yesterday and these:

I know I slacked off this week and I really don’t want to continue this way.  I need to be stronger and I need to stop snacking.  I can do both.  Even with the barbecue on July 4th, this will be a better week. It has to be. 
The sun is shining and is supposed to stick around all week.  I hope do get outside and do some walking this week if my knee will allow it.  I’ll do what I can.
How was your week?  Any plans for Independence Day?


  1. We're BBQing. :)

    Cooking for your husband: I don't consider it a failure that you didn't, unless you ran out and bought take-out instead? I see nothing wrong with working together. When we can't cobble together a dinner for whatever reason (time, it's too hot to run the stove, etc) we do "upside down night", which is breakfast for dinner. It's a nice easy way to get a meal in that you know is healthy, and not fling yourself into the pantry. Just a back-up idea for ya! :)

  2. Well my week was actually cleaning out the pantry. Today was mostly cooking and baking. Even though I am the one who is really trying to lose weight, hubby too is losing some but still likes his snacks at night, so I need to do plenty of baking so the real junk food doesn't get back into the house. So now he has his low calorie lemon/lime cupcakes, low fat banana bread, plus I cut it all down put in freezer baggies and freeze it all. This way he has plenty and it is all portion controlled. I get a lot of simple recipes from many sites. As for the 4th, we will BBQ, probably some chicken kabobs with plenty of veggies on them. Easy, simple and very tasty.
    All of this will come to you, it just really takes time.
    If anything you DID lose...right? Hey a pound a week equals 52......right? I truly believe when it comes off slow it stays off. You will get there, there are plenty of people cheering you on.

  3. Hey, a loss is a loss. You're still moving in the right direction. =)

    We are going camping at Farragut over the 4th. I'm looking forward to getting away from everything for a few days.

  4. I also don't think it is failing if you don't cook for hubby. You however, met the most important challenge in my opinion which was the eating out just once a week. You said what the issues are - which is the larger meals, snacking. I find what helps me is to have pre-cut veggies on hand for the snacking. Things like broccoli are high fiber and filling. Yes, they are not the same as ice cream, but if you fill up on the healthy stuff first, the chances of then eating unhealthy is more unlikely. Not sure if you want to try that! :) Kyra also mentioned the breakfast for dinner - I do that too - usually an egg-white omelette filled with veggies.

    CONGRATS on the loss! :)

  5. Well, you did lose a pound, which is good, and you further know what you did wrong. Learn from what you did. To lose my weight, I analyzed it and learned how to fix the patterns of bad eating I did. That works for anyone.

    :-) Marion

  6. I know you're disappointed but I'm excited for you! You lost this week. It doesn't matter how much, you LOST! You are doing really great, and congrats on meeting most of your goal!

  7. You did lose a pound. You know exactly why it wasn't more. Will you repeat that? What happened to the rest of the Cadbury stuff? (congrats on the pound!)

  8. A pound is a pound, and a pound lost during stressy/busy times is a very big pound! :) Good for you for sticking with it!

  9. Hi, I'm still working on my menu for the 4th, but I'm trying to plan a healthy dinner in since it's supposed to rain all week. Also, congrats on the 1 pound loss. You know, I have to keep reminding myself that it took a long time to get to my current weight, so it will take some time to get 'my sexy' back. Hang in there. Oh and I'm following you now.

  10. I know you're not moving as fast as you want to, but think of all the stuff you would have eaten if you weren't trying to have better habits! You can do this! Like Gwen, I wonder what happened to the rest of the ice cream? If it's a trigger or a temptation, throw it away, I don't care what it cost! I made the mistake of making pretzel brownies...I should have thrown the rest of them away, but I didn't.

    One pound down is not a failure! Keep going!

  11. A loss is a loss, better lose slowly and keep it off than lose fast and gain again.

    If your husband cooks normally, I don't see why he shouldn't all the time. I'd wish mine would cook sometimes but I'm the cook at the home.

    I don't think you have failed, you doing the best you can and it's going pretty well.

  12. Good job on the pound :) What's on your cooking menu for this week?

  13. Good job on the pound! If you get the junk out of the house, you can't eat it. If you go out to eat, just try to make the best choices you possibly can. For example now when I go out for Mexican, I get a single tamale and we have completely stopped eating chips and salsa. It's hard to sit there and watch others while you're waiting for food but things worth having are sometimes hard. We just talk to each other now instead of stuffing our faces and ingesting 400 calories before the food comes!

  14. A loss is a loss...celebrate the lb gone!! Keep on movin' forward!! Have a good week!!

  15. Congrats on the loss and you are making progress, having only eaten out once this week. Focus on the positive and you'll feel so good about that and you'll want to build on it.