Monday, November 11, 2013

Starting Insulin soon

With only 50 days left, it’s safe to say that 2013 will not be the year of weight loss for me.  I just haven’t been able to get my act together this year.  Last month, I reached my all-time highest weight (again).  That’s 391 pounds for the record.  I’ve hit this number a couple of times now, but fortunately have not topped it and I don’t plan to.   I’ve been eating less over the last couple of weeks and my weight is back down to 382 lbs.  This is still at least seven pounds higher than my lowest weight this year.  Not good.  I want to make the best of the days left this year and take off at least ten more pounds before Christmas.  More would be better, but dropping even ten pounds would help me feel a bit better than I have been the last couple of months, which is sluggish.

Last week I met with my doctor for a follow up on my latest blood results.  One of the tests, the A1C measures the glucose in the blood over the last three months.  My doctor would like to see my number under 7.  My latest result was 9.8.   I am already on a ton of oral medications for my diabetes.  Bad eating and lack of exercise are working against the meds and now my doctor is prescribing a night-time dose of insulin.  I will meet with a nurse on Wednesday to go over how to inject the insulin. 

In the past, I didn’t want to start insulin and would fight my doctor’s recommendation.  I thought I could lower my numbers by dieting and eating less carbs.  The problem is that I never did it.  I should have started the insulin from the beginning.  It doesn’t help to dwell on the past or what I should have done (oh sure, that never happens); instead I need to focus on the present.  Changing my ways will take time.  I need to start somewhere and this week one thing I will work on is less evening snacking.  Instead of making a declaration that I will not snack at all this week, I will make a more realistic goal of only having an evening snack three times this week.  It’s a small step, but most importantly it is a doable step.

Other than starting insulin, nothing new is going on.  Work has been crazy and will continue to be so.  Fortunately, there is a restriction on overtime so I don’t have to sacrifice my home life for work. 

Hopefully when this week is done, I will have no regrets and will have made better food choices.