Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Three Weeks?

Three weeks of 2014 have already passed.  Really? How?  I find it incredible how fast time seems to fly.  I had hoped and still do that I make serious progress with weight loss in 2014, but after three weeks my weight loss total is still the big goose egg zero.  A couple of days ago, the number would have been +3 lbs as I saw a new high on the scale.  Panic set in.  This morning I was back down to 391, but feel bloated and heavy. Trying to stand for even the shortest amount of time or walking short distances seem like a major chore and oh so painful.  Gosh, I am tired of living life this way. 

No more wasting time.  I can’t afford to waste another year being this unhealthy.  Losing weight will require stepping out of my comfort zone, changing my routine, breaking habits, learning new habits and well, you get the picture…I need change in general.  In the past I have failed because I didn’t have a plan in place and had a hard time making changes until I knew the plan.  While I still don’t have any real significant plan in place, I am not going to wait to start making changes or eating less.  Meaning, I am going to get out of my way.  I guess I am saying that my immediate go-forward plan is to make more of an effort to just eat less.  Of course, I would like to choose healthier foods and options and I hope to start gravitating towards those options and away from what I have been doing over time, but in the meantime, I plan to just eat less in general.  I plan to stop or seriously cut back my snacking on sugary or high-carb items and also start eating smaller (normal) portions in general.  It’s not much, but it’s something, somewhere to start anyways. 

My husband hasn’t been feeling well and has recently started eating less than he used to.  I’ll speak more about his health issues in another post.  While his eating less didn’t immediately cause me to do the same, I’m starting.  He’s helping a bit, by serving me smaller portions than he has in the past.  It hasn’t been easy, but that’s expected.

Before I go, I want to give you guys a huge “thank you.”   In my last post, I mentioned how I’ve allowed myself to stop enjoying life due to my embarrassment and shame over my body size.  I truly felt like I had received a big hug from the warmth of your comments. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I hear you all.  I really do.  I will try to put myself out there (which is basically just going outside the home) and do more this year.  It will be difficult, but I will start.  I hope that by the end of 2014, I am living a different life and actually participating more.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I took a vacation day.  I need to find some lunch and maybe think about a nap.  Until next time…Go Hawks!