Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling more positive

Maybe my husband should do a two and a half day liquid diet every week.  He dropped a lot of weight and since I had to fend for myself, I lost some too.  I weighed in at 387 pounds this morning.  I am very thrilled to be out of the 390’s and will do my best to not ever see that decade again.  My husband’s colonoscopy this week went well, but because they found two more polyps they want him to have another colonoscopy in three years.  While his fasting helped our diets, I’m glad he won’t have to suffer through another procedure too soon.

Now that he is back to eating solid food the goal for us is not to revert to eating out for every meal or most meals.  That has always been the goal.  In order for us to eat more meals at home, I need to help with the cooking.  I’m not telling you anything new here.  From some reason, I have stopped cooking.  Rather than dwell on why, I just need to start again.  Will I?  That remains to be seen.  I will try this week.  Also, another big help that I can be is to not suggest eating out.  Any time that I give my husband an out (of cooking) he will take it.  Since it is usually me who suggests the outside food, I will try to cut back on doing that this week.  Okay, I know I am using the term “I will try” a lot here rather than outright saying I will do.  It’s not because I am giving myself an out, but that I know it will take effort to change my ways.  It’s not realistic that I can flip a switch and all of a sudden do the right thing 100% of the time.  Oh whatever, let’s just see how it goes.