Friday, July 11, 2014

Failed my goal for this week

Not eating out until my husband returned from his trip seemed like a reasonable goal.  I had less than a full week left when I stated the goal.  As much as I hate to admit it here, I need to.  I picked up fast food last night.  I ended up working three hours overtime and did not feel like cooking.  My plan tonight was to have the fish that I didn’t cook last night.  Yet again I worked a long day and was feeling sluggish so I picked up something quick.  Working longer days isn’t a good excuse to veer off track, but that’s what I did.  While I am disappointed in myself, I am not going to beat myself up about it.  It happened and now I need to keep going and keep trying to change my ways.

My husband landed at SEATAC airport a short while ago and should be in a shuttle van on his way home.  He has been enjoying cooler temperatures for the last couple of weeks and is coming home to the mid 80s.  The combination of the heat and traveling for the last twenty-four hours means that his weekend will include a lot of rest.  What I hope it doesn’t mean is that all of our meals will be prepared outside the house.  It will take focus and commitment to stay on track this weekend. Right now I feel somewhat optimistic but know that it will be a huge challenge. 

Even though I have been consuming smaller quantities of food while he has been away, I still have given in to sweets.  My blood glucose readings are looking better too, but a huge part is due to insulin dosages.  Still I am working to have better control by eating less sugar and carbs.  There is much room for improvement.  I do not feel like I can give up sugar entirely cold turkey, but I will work to reduce, reduce, reduce.  I’ll need my husband and sister’s help with this.  The less we bring in the house, the less tempted I will be.  I know it is ultimately my responsibility and I accept that, but it would be nice if they could help.  I am weak, oh so very weak.  In the next couple of months, I hope to make big improvements in this area.  Stay tuned.

I feel like I am rambling in this post, so I will end for now.  I hope you all have a great weekend and spend time with people you enjoy and love.


  1. Rambling is part of blogging. Ramble away!! Don't worry about eating out. This weight loss journey has a huge learning curve because you really have to test what is right for you and what isn't as well as what works for you and what doesn't. I know for sure NOT eating out does NOT work for me so I have to calculate my calorie intake accordingly. But what does or doesn't work for me is completely different for everyone else. I wish you a very successful weekend and following week. :D

  2. Kristen is right--rambling is just thoughts and ideas waiting to be studied, understood and rearranged! Don't beat yourself up! You're doing the best you can for you today. This is an individual journey and you're in a place unique to you, your experience and path. You're evolving and that's a wonderful thing. You're discovering what works and what doesn't, for you--and you're aware--and you're present--and really, just being aware is a really big deal!! Oh--and you're writing out how you feel and what you're experiencing---and this can make a monumental difference for you over time.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Sean and Kristen. This is your blog and your thoughts, whatever they may be. You are doing not for others but for you. So ramble on, I know I do. Plenty of times I think of what I write is no importance or interesting to anyone, but I know it means something to me.

    Also knowing what needs to be done and how to tackle the situation is one major step. Next is to move on and attack it. It is something that is not solved overnight. You will figure it out, many can suggest things or ideas but only you know what is best and what will work.

    Many hugs

  4. What the others have said - ramble away! It's what I often do on my blog. I'll often (almost always) log on to say one thing and end up saying two or three entirely different things. It's all good.

    Eating out or eating fast food doesn't have to be a bad thing...just remember to make better choices. I know it's easier said than done, I'm right there with you on the journey. I get it. Just pick up and move on.

  5. Rollie, welcome back! And of course blogs are ALL about 'rambling'/trains of thought! No apologies necessary! Glad to see you are working on improving your health! :)

  6. Some of my favOHrite people are ramblers...might even be one myself :) I'm a T2 diabetic and understand what it's like. For me, the worse time EVER was when I went cold turkey off all sugars/carbs. So, yes, trust yourself that its probably not a good idea. You're doing great! This is a process...not an event. Glad I found your blog :)