Thursday, August 7, 2014

Not a good reason to swing by the drive-thru

A couple of nights this week  all I could do was think about stopping at McDonald's on the way home from work.  I wasn't necessarily craving their food but it did sound familiar and  appealing.  I didn't feel like cooking and was less in the mood to do dishes afterwards.  That was the big draw.  As I have mentioned many times, I have not been in the habit of cooking.   Meaning, I don't cook...ever.   Either my husband cooks or we eat out.  We eat out a lot.  However, when he travels for business, maybe a few times a year I am left to find my own food.  On past trips, I would eat out maybe half as much as I would cook.  This trip, however I decided to use the time to start working on changing my eating habits.  That meant I would need to cook and I have been.  It can be a lot of work though and after a hard day, it would be much easier to swing by the drive thru, eat the food and then toss the food packaging in the garbage.  My drive home  took about an hour and I was debating the issue the whole way.  Should I or shouldn't I?  In the end, I decided not to eat out.  Hooray! One of my main concerns was the sodium, I could use less of it and that place is a salt bomb.  Also, knowing that it is going to be challenging to avoid falling back in to my old habits once my husband returns, I wanted to push through and finish the week strong.  I'll say it again...Hooray!

My husband returns Saturday afternoon and I can hardly wait. Sure having the house to myself and doing what I want, when I want is nice, but after two weeks, I am craving our routine and having him near for instant conversations.  Since we work together, seriously his desk is one cubicle aisle over and I can hear him sneeze or  talk to his co-workers, I am hardly apart from the man.  We are two peas in a pod.  A one-pea pod is just not right folks, it's just not. 

While I am looking forward to his return, I am also concerned.  Will we start eating out again?  Will I ask him
to pick up a red-velvet cupcake or two from our favorite cupcake shop?  I've been tracking my calories for over sixteen days straight now.  Will I continue or will we have a blow-out that I don't want to record and then I will stop?  I don't know what will happen, but all I can do is take it one day or one meal at a time and keep fighting.  I say fighting, because it will likely be the internal struggle that is most difficult.  A struggle with myself where I keep thinking should I or shouldn't I? 

Tomorrow is Friday and I plan to stay on track my last day alone.  If I am successful and I believe I will be, then I will have only eaten one meal prepared outside the home (Taco Time) since he left July 25th.  That should give me sweet dreams tonight.   Hope you  all have a great Friday too.


  1. You've done GREAT. Don't let this momentum go!!!

  2. That is awesome progress and you are right, one meal at a time. And it is a fight. Every day.

  3. It's fantastic that you were able to avoid the drive thru temptations. I have had many similar debates in my head when I am out. Also, great job on tracking for so many days. You can do it!

  4. Wonderful, LTR!!! You're handling the internal dialogue so well!! When your hubby returns, would he be pleasantly surprised at your "statistics" since he's been gone? If so, perhaps he'll get on board with support to keep it going with this positive momentum! You're doing amazing things!!

  5. First, can I just say that the tone of this whole post is so positive?? I have that dialog all the time - and when my husband is away, I wrestle with making the right decisions - I mean if no one knows I ate a whole deep dish pizza, who cares?

    But what I really was thinking on the ride home was that I have to get to a healthier weight AND stay in shape because I have to take care of my husband.

    ONLY EATING OUT ONCE! You are amazeballs!

  6. I really struggle with eating out as well. We have been really tight financially this week, and honestly I used it as an opportunity to focus on the same. To focus on eating in. I want to break that habit. It is not that I never want to eat out, but I just want to do so because we really want to and not because I just don't want to cook. I really admire your dedication and commitment. You are doing freaking awesome!!!


  7. You are doing great - keep it up, YOU CAN I just know it.

    All the best Jan

  8. I agree with the others. You have already started the upward climb so keep climbing with no back sliding girl! (Pot meet Kettle LOL)

  9. Came across your blog via a comment you made on Kyra's blog.

    I hear you about the fast food and sodium...that's how they make the stuff taste so good! Plus who knows what else is in those tasty things. Better to eat at home where you can be sure what you are eating. Glad you were able to resist.

  10. You've done so well!! If you cook more, THAT will become the routine! I hope hubby is supportive and will help you continue your success!! I have battles with myself all the time...If I ate crap every time I THOUGHT about eating crap, I'd have gained back all I've lost. I have learned to take deep breaths, drink some water, and try to wait it out. I am successful most of the time, and when I'm not, I try not to let the whole day go down the toilet!