Saturday, June 22, 2013

Three days might be a record

Three days in a row with no take-out or dining out has to be some sort of record for me.  While yesterday was the third day of eating only foods prepared at home, it wasn’t the best planned or nutritionally sound day. 

First, let me share what I ate.  My husband prepared a huge four egg omelet, with spinach, one strip of bacon and Swiss cheese.  I also had a another piece of bacon on the side and half of an avocado.  Since breakfast was a bit late and large, I didn’t feel hungry at lunch time.  Later in the afternoon, I had less than an ounce of ham and a cookie.  I know, I know.  For dinner, I had a chicken stir fry with a ton of broccoli and carrots, over a half of cup of rice.  Then in the evening, I had two more cookies.

It wasn’t my best food day this week, but it didn’t include pizza delivery or McDonalds like other Friday night’s might have.  The cookies were in the house because my sister had brought them over Thursday night.  They’re gone now, so today will be cookie-free.  Yesterday, I just didn’t put in the effort to make sure I was making healthy food choices.  I realize this and today will be different.  We would normally eat out on the weekend, maybe even for breakfast, but I am determined not to do that today.   I guess we’ll know how determined by tomorrow morning.  I’m not going to lie, today will be tough.  Cravings and thoughts of food are attacking my resolve by the hour. 

There isn’t much on the plan for today.  I might work a couple of hours of overtime, maybe some cleaning and if the knee is up for it, maybe a walk outside.  I hear the sun might be out tomorrow.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  I’ve told you that not much happens around here, right?  I wasn’t kidding.
What are your plans for this weekend?  Will it include anything out of the normal routine?


  1. Mmmm, I love stirfry. Then again, I'm Asian. :P

    I don't see the need to force yourself to eat when you are full. I think you did right by yourself for not stuffing food that wouldn't nourish your body and satisfy a hunger.

  2. Cravings and food thought attacks are occurring because of the starch from the cookies and the rice. It really is that simple. I wish I could swoosh a magic wand over you and make them go away, and I actually can. The magic wand is the removal of all starches (minute amounts of some but not all starchy veggies not counting.) Get rid of the rice, the beans, the cookie-like treats, and within 3-4 days, the cravings are magically gone. Seriously. Until then, it will be a struggle. Sad, but true. I DO applaud you doing better than your old normal, though! This is a process, and I hope you get to where you are ready to tackle grain free. Afterwards, I bet you laugh about 'what was I so afraid of? I feel GREAT now!' :)

    Gotta get caught up on some work, but then we are taking my mom to see Super Man tonight. I suspect dinner will be out before or after, but I know not where. Have a good one!

    1. Gwen is right. Getting the sugar/carb response out of your body/brain is a cold turkey thing. Any taste of it triggers your body to want more. Get over the hump and in a week, tops, you will be OVER IT. Do not give in to the "just a bite" rationale once you're there. It is like heroin.

      All the days are the same for me. Up early, work out, eat the same boring foods, drink a gallon of water, work or hang out with my family & dogs, sex, sleep, repeat. ;)

      Hope you get some sun!

  3. I hear the sun might be out tomorrow also. We are experiencing a rain downpour that has been a steady drenching for the past two hours and counting. I'm sure it will bring our area up to speed for annual moisture. Three days and counting...good on you! Here's a hunger a few of your favorite fresh apples. I like Fuji. Now buy some powdered cinnamon. This is a hunger test. If you're not hungry enough to eat apple quarters with cinnamon sprinkled on them...then it probably isn't real hunger. It's just a food craving.

  4. The weekends are always the hardest for me too. I don't want to cook, and I spend all week looking forward to the weekends, it makes me almost want to celebrate if that makes any sense? I've noticed too that it helps me if I have a large later breakfast. It keeps me fuller longer, and my lunch and dinner end up being a lot smaller. You're doing a great job! I'll be praying you see some sunshine!

  5. First of all, I think you are awesome! You write wonderfully and I love your blog. Those cravings and temptations are tough but you are taking it a moment at a time (I am sure you are sick of hearing that). You are doing great!! :)

  6. If only one thing that is great is that you are more aware of your eating. With that also comes loads of emotion. You know what is right and good for you, it is the head games that we must deal with. For me in the beginning when I had this feelings in regards about food, I would search on the internet to find different, good recipes to make in the future. Just increasing your knowledge will help tremendously. Soon you will be saying "it has been a good week, then month, then so on.

    As for me, well I am going nuts to finish little touches for my daughter's bridal shower which is tomorrow. Just taking a quick break before I tackle the next item.

    Take care

  7. Recovery from being on vacation all week in another state. :) I 100% agree with Gwen and Norma. Not gonna lie I had crap this past week but now that I am home I will go back to the no crap carbs/sugar. I detoxed this year and it was the best thing ever. Now to do so again. :)

  8. Staying away from restaurant food will definitely make you lose weight. Honestly, it is pretty hard to compete with the calories of restaurant food in your own kitchen.

    Do you count calories? I used to resent calorie counting, but they are a very useful tool because they give you a concrete number that is either acceptable or not. Sometimes, I just have to say, "That food is NOT worth that amount of calories."

    Gwen and Norma are right about cravings as they explain above. Try what they say (with no deviations) because it is SO MUCH BETTER to live without food cravings bothering you all day long.

    :-) Marion

  9. I think not ordering out was a nice step. :) It's about regaining control one step at a time, and that was a good one to take! I have to back up the "get rid of the starch" comments about cravings. Dump sugar and the starches like that, and it really does vanish after about 4 days. And one bite, a single tiny one can bring them roaring back like they never left.

  10. Not a bad day, all things considered! Well played!

    I'm different than some of the other responders in that I don't abstain from starches/sugars or restaurant food. I lost all my weight and maintain it by limiting the over-indulgences. It works for me, but to each her own.

  11. It's about small steps. You are making changes to last you for a lifetime. You had one victory today, you didn't eat out. I am sure you saved quite a few calories doing that. Eliminating cookies might be the next step. You have to decide for yourself what you can do. We all have things that are hard for us individually. I can not have birthday cake anywhere near my house! Just keep working on it!

  12. Congratulations on no take-out!!! What you're preparing at home sounds so yummy so hopefully you aren't even missing it.